Each new collection contains over 70 styles of artisans' handwork and finishing. A good example is the hand-tanned leather, which is also hand-braided and one of the best-selling styles. It is lined with a typical saddle-finished leather, which demonstrates the high quality of our production. Several customers have continued buying the same style for 40 years.

Icons of the AndersonĀ“s Collection are the hand-tooled waxed "Saddle Leather Belt" and the "Reversed Tubular Belt" with internal seams. These elegant creations are handmade of pure vegetable leather using slow tannage, drum-dyeing and pure aniline finished in full grain. All our belts are also finished and polished by hand using hard natural wax, which is necessary to give the belts their "natural light".

Our main collection is made up of three lines. The PREMIUM LINE, which utilises the finest calfskin, crocodile, ostrich and lizard, the SPORT LINE which ranges from printed calfskin to saddlery-worked leathers and the CONTEMPORARY LINE comprised of woven belts in cotton, cotton and leather, elastic materials and hand-braided leather. The taste for interwoven leather, for fabrics and for lace-like makes these beautiful fretwork summer belts stand out. We offer basic daily belts with texture and comfort associated with...

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